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Earn points towards your next dining experience at Popeye's! What's better than that?
A $20 coupon just for signing up* and a Special VIP offer for your birthday! 

Current VIP members that joined prior to 2015 may need to contact us at: to be issued a password or you may request a profile update by submitting form below. 

Feel free to call with any questions!

* The Welcome $20 Coupon will be available in your account 24 hours after signing up. 

$1 spent = 1 point earned

100 points

$10 Reward

200 points

$20 Reward

300 points

$30 Reward

Points earned on all food and beverage


How can I earn Points?  You earn points on your everyday food, beverage and gift card purchases at Popeye's when you are have a staff member add your VIP information to your order. 

I was there and logged in, but I didn't receive new points. Why?  

Gift Card:  If you use a gift card to pay your bill, points will not be added because the person who purchased your gift card originally was honored points for purchase.  Any portion of the bill left unpaid by the gift card will earn new points.

Rewards Points: If you use rewards points to pay for your bill, points will not be added as this is considered a "gift" by the system.  Any portion of the bill left unpaid by rewards points will earn new points. 

Discounts & Coupons:  Reward points are added to your dining total after all discounts and coupons have been deducted. 

Do my earned Points expire?:   Your earned points are yours to redeem when you'd like. They will not expire before you get to use them. 


Status Tier Levels:

Total status tier points (as shown on the right) earned for the calendar year will expire 12/31 and will start at 0 (zero).  Members will keep their status levels for the New Year.  However, they need to spend and earn enough points within the New Year to retain their status before the calendar year expires.

Need help? -- Email us here: HELP!

The more you spend...

Tier 1 (Bronze)

Earn ratio: $1 = 1 pt

Starting level: 0 pts

Ending level: 500 pts

Tier 2 (Silver)

Earn ratio: $1 = 1.1 pts

Starting level: 501 pts

Ending level: 1000 pts

Tier 3 (Gold)

Earn ratio: $1 = 1.2 pts

Starting level: 1001 pts

Ending level: 1500 pts

Tier 4 (Platinum)

Earn ratio: $1 = 1.3 pts

Starting level: 1501 pts

Ending level: 5000 pts

... the more you earn!




Did you receive a postcard in the mail requesting you to update your profile?  You are in the right place and we appreciate you doing so.  With a complete profile you are assured to receive more of the valuable offers you may have otherwise been missing. 

Members who created an account online can edit their profiles by logging in with their chosen log in and password.

Some members had accounts created for them and will need log in credentials created in order to update profiles.  

Due to rising mailing costs, we tend to send more offers via email. You won't want to miss out on those!

Updating my profile (check all fields that apply)

Thanks for submitting.

Please allow 7 business days for profile updates to take place. 

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